How to choose roofers or give the roof in good hands!

One of the most critical elements of a house is the roof. Walls and foundations will not save new wallpaper from rain if the roofing work was not performed by bona fide roofers. Therefore, it is so important not to be mistaken with the choice of the brigade and to control them at all stages of work.

How to choose roofers

It is better to apply to serious firms, and not to “craftsmen” working for themselves. In case of violation of the conditions prescribed in the contract, a real organization can defend its interests in court. As a rule, it is extremely difficult to find a roofer hired on an ad after the completion of the work.

When you first visit the office of a construction company as well as toronto roofing companies, you must familiarize yourself with the certificates and license for roofing. If a company is an official representative of manufacturers of quality roofing materials, this is a good sign. In this case, the materials can cost a little less than when buying in a store, and there will be no problems with exchange and return if necessary. In addition, manufacturers choose only trusted firms as partners.

When to invite roofers

The search for roofers should be started at the stage of wall construction, as they are unlikely to be found quickly. And they have to get to the construction site before the carpenters who assemble the roof structure leave it. Roofers will accept the work and point out any inaccuracies that can become a problem in the subsequent work and operation of the roof.

Qualified builders, only after visiting the object and assessing the degree of complexity of the structure on the spot, call the cost of the work. They can also draw up a bill of materials. After that, it is necessary to conclude an agreement, in which there must be a list of the work performed, the final cost of the work, and the deadline. Well, when the team is selected, the contract is concluded, the materials are purchased, it remains to control the work.

Structures of working with cement and ceramic tiles

How to choose roofers or give the roof in good hands!

When placing tiles, it happens to be significant to determine properly the distance between the battens. To do this, two horizontal and vertical rows of grooved tiles are laid out on the ground and the length and width are determined at the minimum and maximum permissible displacement. Often, roofers try to disguise errors in measurements with a roofing flight. Sometimes builders increase the pitch of the lathing, trying to save on materials and work time. It is worth stopping such undertakings in the bud, otherwise, the tightness of the roof will be broken.

Watching the installation of bituminous shingles

When working with this material, errors are extremely rare. But it will not be superfluous to remind the workers that at the end of the working day (especially if the day is cloudy), all sheets of tiles must be vulcanized. It is also worth checking if roofers use as many nails and brackets as indicated in the instructions.

Controlling the bulk of the work, do not forget about the installation of an apron around the chimneys, valleys, ridge, gutter, overhang eaves.